Identifying Letters in the Early Grades

One of the most important concepts that beginning readers need to master is the ability to identify upper and lower case letters as well as link at least one sound that each letter makes. Many children come to school knowing their letters and sounds but many do not – especially children from high poverty or second language homes. Research shows that children who know their letters and sounds have a much easier time learning to read than children who have not mastered letter identification. A quick way to tell who needs additional work with letters and sounds is to ask children to identify letter names and give a sound that the letter makes. You can download a simple assessment form for checking student skill master as well as flash cards by quickly searching the internet for these items that you can give to parents or classroom tutors so they can continue to help your students practice identifying the letters in both upper as well as lower case form. Periodic rechecks can track progress and determine who needs additional work with letters and sounds.