Using Storytelling in the Classroom

Using storytelling in the classroom creates impact for students. Teachers use storytelling to engage students in the content that they present to their students.

In addition, learning more about storytelling can also get students excited about their own learning.

Help your students explain what they are learning and communicate their ideas in unique and inspiring ways. Media presentation types include the use of photography, video, and the use of voice,

You can also use graphic tools to create captivating infographics on topics of interest.

Elementary school boy looking at a computer screen
Children are experts at using media so why not help them use their media skills for storytelling?

Students use video and pictures to communicate on a daily basis. Why not capitalize on interests they already have by blending these skills with learning?

If you have ever wanted to learn to use media tools like video, audio, photography and graphics to enhance your own teaching this is the perfect opportunity.

Once you have mastered these concepts, you can teach your students to create informative stories around what they are learning. Visual text can also increase student comprehension.

Free Visual Media Course for Storytelling

I am sure you are familiar with the beautiful photography on the pages of the National Geographic magazine. National Geographic has developed self-paced and Cohort-based free courses to help teachers easily learn to use storytelling in the classroom.

By enrolling in their free online courses, you can learn to use these instructional tools for your own presentation. Students can also create their own storytelling media applications to demonstrate their learning.

Through storytelling techniques, students can explore real-life problems and communicate their ideas and concerns in inspiring and motivational ways.

Using media for storytelling can deepen student thinking about important concepts and ideas. It can also help students learn to communicate their ideas in clear, persuasive ways that impact their audiences.

What better way to learn about audience and point of view?

To learn more about the National Geographic courses or to sign up for free, go to the National Geographic Website Education Tab.

There is also an educator certification course where teachers can collaborate with other educators to create activity-centered instruction using real world problems and issues in the classroom.

National Geographic courses are open to any educator from anywhere in the world who work with students. Courses vary in length, type and schedule. Skills learned in these courses are appropriate for use in all grade levels and content areas.

Post updated on September 29, 2022