About Karen Tankersley

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Karen Tankersley spent 28 years in education. During this time she served as a teacher, school coach, school principal, district administrator, and college professor of Educational Leadership.

Karen received a B.A. in French with a minor in English and German from Arizona State University.  As a linguist, she has an extensive background in language and language acquisition. She holds an M.A. in Reading and has served as a Reading Specialist in grades 4 up.  Karen received a PhD. in Organizational Leadership from Arizona State University.

During her time in education, Karen spent 12 years as a school principal and 11 years at the district office level.  The schools and districts where she served as the school leader, were recognized nationally as well as locally for their outstanding achievement and high academic performance.

Karen has helped other schools improve student performance in her role as a consultant and national trainer. She has provided training on effective literacy instruction, school turn-around, and organizational effectiveness.

Her business, Southwest Training Development, Inc, was founded in 2002.  Since that time, Karen has assisted many schools and small businesses with organizational improvement. She has consulted in areas such as organizational management, employee relations, and conflict resolution.

Karen is a prolific author. She has published articles in several educational journals including Educational Leadership Magazine.

She is the author of the following books:

Threads of Reading: Strategies for Literacy Development (ASCD, 2003);  

Literacy Strategies for Grades 4-12: Reinforcing the Threads of Reading (ASCD, 2005);

Tests that Teach: Using Standardized Tests to Improve Instruction (ASCD, 2007);

Coaching the Threads of Reading: Helping Teachers Build Reading Success (Little John, 2012).

How to Help Your Child Become a Great Reader:  Easy Literacy Games and Activities to Do At Home

Childhood Obesity:  Helping Children Lead Fit and Healthy Lives

She has also published several books for children in grades 4-8 in her Exploring Nature Series. In this series, she was not only the writer but also the photographer.

Amazingly, Awesome Snails!

Discover the Koala;

When Wood Turns to Stone: The Story of the Arizona National Petrified Forest;

Sea Turtles: Amazing Giants of the Sea;

Discover the Koala; Kangaroos Down Under;

The American Black Bear: Life in the Wild

Buying a Dog? A Realistic Look at Bringing a Dog into Your Life

Karen currently lives in Hawaii with her husband and a Yorkshire Terrier named Reggie. She enjoys writing, reading, and traveling when possible.