Dolch Sight Word Games

Print out the Dolch word card sets and begin with the pre-primer set with small groups of students. You will note that each set has been created in a different color to make card sorting by level quick and easy. Since children love games, a good way to practice sight words is to play games with them with small groups of children of similar ability levels. I begin with one set of cards and show the card to the first child. If the child can read the word, s/he gets to hold the card. If s/he cannot read the word, show the card to the next student around the group until either a child correctly identifies the word or you tell students the word. If no one correctly reads the word, then tell the students the word and place the word back on the bottom of the deck. Continue playing until all of the word cards have been “won” by the students. If you want to add an element of competition, you can have the students count their cards to determine the game “winner” but children enjoy the game even without competing against one another.

Dolch Preprimer Word Cards Download

Dolch Primer Word Cards Download
Dolch First Grade Word Card Download
Dolch Second Grade Word Card Download
Dolch Third Grade Word Card Download
Dolch Nouns Word Card Download
Patterned Sight Word Card Download
Another way to reinforce sight words is in a board game format. Print and laminate the two board games below. Provide each child with a different colored marker and locate them on the starting square of the board.. Place the word cards in a stack, face down. Each child draws a card and moves 1 space if s/he correctly reads the word on the card drawn. If the child cannot read the word, the card goes back on the bottom of the deck and play moves to the next child. Children play until someone reaches the end of the path and a “winner” has been declared.
Puppy Sight Word Game Board Download
Dinosaur Sight Word Game Board Download