Using Non-Fiction Texts to Increase Reading Comprehension

As teachers move to meet the new demands of the Common Core, making a shift to having students read more non-fiction text is absolutely essential. A wealth of good, non-fiction text can be found on the internet.  For example, an excellent for good nonfictional text of all types is This site, created by the National Center for Family Literacy was named by Time Magazine as one of the top 50 websites of the year. Every day, the site provides a new “wonder of the day” question that children can explore. The site includes a video about the topic, key information,vocabulary terms that are important to the text,  thought-provoking questions and even a clue about the next wonder of the day to promote anticipation. Some examples of recent questions are: Do Dragonflies Breath Fire? Where is the Hottest Place on Earth? and  How Hot is Lukewarm?  Students can chose to read about topics such as Animals, Oceans, Presidents, Space and many other wonderful topics on the site.  It is definitely a must-visit site for teachers.